Abundance… it is all around us, and surrounds us consistently, in every moment, every breath, and every tick of the clock. Abundance varies too, financial abundance, emotional abundance, material abundance, the list goes on and on. However, abundance is moreover a mindset, and getting into that mindset is how we can cultivate and attract more of it! Today I’m shedding some light on how to get yourself into an abundance mindset!

I did write a post a while back on how to call more Abundance into your life with Essential Oils. You can read that article here. It will definitely help support you with what I touch on today!

Do you know that there are two small words that, when said together, hold the highest vibration in the Universe? 

Thank you.

Gratitude is where it’s at. When you focus on all of the abundance you already have in your life, you will attract more to be grateful for. It’s just how the law of attraction works. Even if you have negative dollars in the bank, and you’re staring at a balance in the red… you can be grateful that you have eyes to see that balance. Even if you have a pile of bills coming at you regularly, you can be grateful to the utility companies for exchanging their services with you for your money. 

A great practice to have is to write a gratitude list, where you say THANK YOU for “x” daily. Find at least 5 things to be grateful for, but by all means fill pages! When you feel positive and your mind is rolling along with the gratitude, you can start thanking the Universe for the things not yet in your current reality.

Thank you is powerful. Thank you is monumental. Thank you needs to become the phrase and mindset you find yourself in more than anything. Not only will this be better for your overall life, but your health and wellness too. 

Grateful for YOU today, for reading this, and for being part of my community!

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