One of the most important pieces of advice I can share in regards to building your doTERRA Business is to set up an admin hour one day of the week. This specific time is set aside to do online scheduling, following up with social media, answering emails, and creating new content. 

What this does is it helps you to NOT spend a bazillion hours on Facebook getting lost in the endless newsfeed of nonsense, and provides focused time for you to get done what needs to get done. You can have a successful online biz without spending your life online!

If one hour isn’t enough to get it all done, then set aside two… but realize the work you need to do vs want to do too!



“There was a man who lived in a village that was two miles from the nearest water source. His job was to haul buckets of water to the village every day. Since everyone needed water he had perfect job security. To earn more money, he would simply make more trips. After years of hauling buckets he realized that if he didn’t change something, he would be hauling buckets for the rest of his entire life.

So, he made a plan. He would haul as many buckets as he needed to pay the bills, and in his spare time he would work on building a pipeline. He stayed consistent and persistent in his pipeline building efforts. 

A few years later he finally finished the pipeline and turned on the spigot in the village. The villagers could come and get water whenever they wanted. He not only created a pipeline of water, but he created a financial pipeline, that would allow him to pursue his greater cause and purpose in life.

Are you hauling buckets or are you creating a pipeline?”**

My husband Brien is finished with hauling buckets and focused on supporting and expanding the pipeline I have already created with essential oils.

We would love to help you create a pipeline of your own. Let me know if/when you would like to get together for some coffee, hang out on Skype, or attend a class and I am happy to show you how, and guide you, so that you and your family can live your lives fully enjoying each other, and doing what makes you happy!

**shared with permission from EDGE Success


I am looking for someone. A very special someone.

Maybe it’s you, and you don’t know it yet. That is what I am trying to find out.

I am looking for someone that is excited and passionate about the world of essential oils. I am looking for someone that is authentic, creative, and willing to learn as they grow. I am looking for someone willing to inspire others to live their greater purpose while sharing oils with other people. I’m looking for someone that is family centric, but is still a hard worker with a strong work ethic.

I’m looking for someone that is willing to use the tools that have brought success to others on That Crazy Oil Team, and is consistent, teachable, and personable. I’m looking for someone that is motivated and willing to do the work, and not afraid to invest in their business. I’m looking for someone that is willing to LEAD a team, and will always continue to learn more. I’m looking for someone that is driven and a self-starter, and ok with being their own boss. I am looking for someone that shows up 10-15 minutes before go time. I’m looking for someone that is prepared, and willing to invest in their own personal development for self love and growth. They must also be willing to have TONS of FUN and love to celebrate!

I’m looking for someone that isn’t a fan of excuses, isn’t a perfectionist, and isn’t afraid to teach and help others. They should have a “team first” mindset when it comes to this business, and doesn’t micromanage others. Instead, they help their team members achieve their goals. I’m looking for someone that is willing to share oilsand teach others about oils on a regular basis. (This is as simple as reading from a piece of paper. Really, it’s that simple.) I am looking for someone that is willing to work closely with me, and become my newest business partner in my essential oil business.

Are you the one? I know you are out there.

Please let me know if you think this is you. Serious inquiries only, as I really truly am looking for someone that wants to build and grow an essential oil business and be the next great leader on That Crazy Oil Team.


P.S. I can’t wait to hear from you. Send me a private message, or shoot an email to

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