Let’s get connected! I love to hear from you and interact on Facebook! This is where I share the majority of my content and where you can find me on Live broadcasts. I so look forward to connecting with you in my Facebook Communities! I also have a private community that is exclusive for Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates in my direct community! If you would like to be part of that, join me as a wholesale member over on the Purchase Oils page! Below, you can learn about my different groups to see which one (or both) fits your style!

I have three different Oil communities on facebook, that are here to serve your needs!

That Crazy Oil Lady: Oils & More

This is a forum for That Crazy Oil Lady’s community of oilers, wanting to learn more about essential oils. If you are curious to learn how to use essential oils safely, looking for some fun recipes, and looking for a fun community environment to learn in together, this is the place for you!

This group will share:
-essential oil recipes
-diffuser blends
-how to use essential oils
-wellness supplements
-specials and updates
-high vibe inspiration
-and so much more!

Woo Woo Oil Crew

You are now about to enter a sacred space filled with a tribe of oilers that are in LOVE with spirituality, personal development, manifesting, and all things WOO! I am so excited to meet you, get to know you, and see all of the positive light you are about to shine on us all! This is for wellness advocates, wholesale customers, and spirit junkies from all over!

Vibrant & Healthy Lifestyle

I originally put together this group to share my own personal journey with health, wellness, and weight loss. IN this journey, I found that so many of us are looking for support that I had to create a safe place for us all to grow together! I can’t wait to hear about your weight loss victories and non-scale victories as well!

This group will cover:
-getting off sugar
-exercise (and women specific exercise)
-essential oils
-wellness supplements
-weight loss
-healthy eating
-meals for families
-eating the foods YOU WANT!