As with anything and everything, there are always going to be goodies, products and services we all love! Here you can find all of my favorite non-doTERRA loves and shop for yourself! I am proud to affiliate myself with each of these fantastic companies, as they have made an impact in my life in so many positive ways! Enjoy!


With over 800 members, Diva Central is a membership-based community where people turn to for great ways to strengthen their marriages; ways that seem more like fun than work, more like play than effort.

Diva Central - Enjoy your marriage more than ever!

I love using my membership to keep the fun alive in my marriage and also put together some family dates! I have been LOVING The Dating Divas since 2014 and it has been such a blessing in my life! If you don't have a Diva Central Membership yet, give it a try! I know you will LOVE it!


Do you know that the #1 excuse for not working out is “I don’t have time”? The second is that you’re not in love with your workout. Well, guess what? I just made some time for you to sweat AND enjoy every second of it. In fact, you will wake up jumping out of bed WAITING to do your workouts everyday because they will make you FEEL SO GOOD. All…in just 28 min and 40 sec a day! I highly recommend that when you take the PIIT28 Challenge, you do PIIT28 1.0 and The Blogilates 28 Day Reset together. They are made for each other and will give you RIDICULOUS RESULTS when followed simultaneously. Sign up to receive your materials now and get ready for an amazing next 28 days with me and your new #PIIT28 teammates!

logo-the-happi-empire-transparent WITH FRANCES VERBEEK

Across the pond, (or maybe home where you live!) my gal pal Fran has this incredible line of perfectly crafted Self Care products, specially made to help you along your life path, focusing on gratitude, treating yourself with love, affirmations, and working through upper limits. These are a definite must add to your Self Care routine, to feed your soul and fill up your cup! With so many different products available, you are sure to find just the right fit for you, wherever you are in your journey. You can also rest assured that lots of fun and "Happi" energy will come with your products!

adagio_logo_slim LOOSE LEAF TEA

I LOVE TEA! I even make my own special loose leaf blends and you can too!! Here is one of my latest blends: Classic Ceylon tea touched with the flavor of fresh cream. Sweet and warm, pleasantly brisk, delicately creamy. Bright Ceylon tea with pure vanilla. Soothing and cozy, like warm sugar cookies made with fresh vanilla beans.Classic citrusy earl grey blended with sweet, floral lavender. Fragrant and sweet, slightly tart berries with a rounded texture. It's called Creamy Blue Lavender, and you will totally love it!