Most of you may know that I love to write, and many of you don’t. Some of you know that I use essential oils, that I’m a bit of a hippie, and that I’m obsessed with self care, all things woo, and personal development.

I was recently inspired to create and write a workbook “Essential Goddess” that helps women discover more of who they are, give them a safe space to journal while they experience the powerful benefits of essential oils, and their spirituality. Check out the book trailer below to take a peek at what Essential Goddess is all about!

This dream recently came to life and my book is available on Amazon TODAY! I’m so grateful to my community for their inspiration in this project, to my family, and to the countless friends who cheered me on in this process. I especially want to thank my parents, Daren and Martina, my husband Brien and son Daen, Crystal Schwanke, and the entire oil community. Without you, this would never have been possible!

It’s funny, because this is not my first book or project I have written, but in my heart I knew that this needed to be the first one to see the light. This workbook has awakened parts of me that I thought were long lost in the past, and has inspired me to continue writing. I also wanted to give a special thanks to Kathrin¬†for her encouragement, motivation and her playlist! lol

I hope that you enjoyed this Book Trailer, and get a glimpse of what “Essential Goddess” is about. Available TODAY on Amazon!

That Crazy Oil Lady

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