There is so much to learn and study about essential oils, I wanted to include some Frequently Asked Questions to avoid running my mouth over and over again. Besides, you really don't want to hear me talk THAT much do you? Haha!

What made you choose the brand you use?

As with everything I do, I research everything. However, it was a no brainer deal for me when I first experienced the quality of these essential oils. Since I had been using oils for years, the exeptional quality completely blew me away. I stand by that perspective today, and will testify to having tried and sampled many different brands of essential oils.


How do I dilute my oils? What ratio should I use?

This is a great question. My gut reaction to this one every time is if you need to ask, just dilute anyway. There is no need to worry about it if you just automatically do it. Fractionated Coconut Oil (or FCO) makes for a great carrier oil to dilute with. The company we have partnered with exclusively actually has their own specific FCO made to dilute their oils. Many of these oils can be applied neat, but I don't recommend it if you are concerned or if you have sensitive skin. As for ratio, that is another one that is generally up to the user. However, when applying oils to infants and small children, dilute! Use 1-3 drops of essential oil to 1 TBS of fractionated coconut oil for infants and 1-3 drops EO to 1 TSP of FCO for children ages 2-5.


Do you "sell" Essential Oils?

This one makes me giggle a little! Yes, I am an active Wellness Advocate. It's funny though, because I don't really sell oils! It's very rare for me to sell anyone a bottle of oil. I do encourage others to learn! I like to empower families with healthy alternatives using essential oils, and should they choose to purchase them at retail or wholesale is a decision for their family to make.