Here you can find a variety of my favorite household cleaning recipes that are non-toxic and perfect to keep things sparkling and fresh! More recipes will be added soon, so keep checking back!


There's an essential oil recipe for that! No need to fork out money for chemically made concoctions! Try this out! Super simple and super effective!

To make these fab Garbage Disposal Refreshers you will need:

-2 cups Baking Soda

-1 cup salt

-1&1/2 cup liquid Castile Soap (I like Dr. Bronners!)

-1/2 cup water

-30 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Combine baking soda and salt in a bowl. Add Castile soap and essential oil to the mixture. Add water 1 tablespoon at a time while mixing until it reaches a consistency of damp sand. It should hold form when you press it together. If too much water is added, add more baking soda and salt until the consistency is correct. Using a tablespoon, scoop packed spoonfuls onto parchment paper. Once the mixture has been scooped, let dry for 24 hours or until hard. One batch should make 36 garbage disposal refreshers.

Store in a glass jar or mason jar and use the next time you do dishes. You can put 1-3 refreshers in the garbage disposal and turn on. You will love the refreshing and clean aroma that Lemon has to offer!

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This recipe is incredibly simple, smells amazing, and will leave your wood furniture looking great, without any toxic build up!

You will need:

-*Glass or Stainless Steel Spray Bottle

-Olive Oil

-Wild Orange, Lemon or Lime Essential Oil

Fill up the spray bottle with the Olive Oil. Add 15-20 drops of your choice in Wild Orange, Lemon or Lime Essential Oil. Shake it up! Spray directly onto your wood surface, and clean with a polishing cloth or microfiber hand towel!


This recipe is fairly simple, but SUPER effective! No more streaky windows or mirrors. No more caked on countertop grime!

Here is my absolute FAVORITE recipe!

You will need:

-*Glass or Stainless Steel Spray Bottle

-White Vinegar


-Lemon Essential Oil

Fill up the spray bottle halfway with vinegar, and the rest of the way with water. Add 10-15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil. Shake it up! Spray and enjoy your fresh, clean, chemical free living space!

*Note: It’s very important to use glass or stainless steel as the Lemon oil breaks down the chemicals in plastic bottles!


The dryer balls replace your need for a fabric softener AND dryer sheets. Not only do they soften your clothing, BUT when you add essential oils, they leave a lovely fragrance, that is entirely chemical free! Sounds good to me!

You will need:

-one or two rolls of 100% wool yarn. (It must be 100% wool, or the yarn will not felt together and you will have a stringy mess.)

-tights, pantyhose, or nylons. If you have an old pair with runs in them, it's preferable because you can reuse it!

-your favorite bottle of essential oil (we have been using the Joyful Blend for our Laundry!)

-pair of scissors

1. Take the end of the yarn and wrap it around your middle and index finger 10 times. Remove it from the fingers and wrap 2-3 times around the middle. (It should look like a bow) This will be the start of your ball.

2. Continue tightly wrapping the yarn around the start, working toward making a round shape. Once your ball is roughly the size of a tennis ball, cut the yarn and tuck the end into the sides of the ball. Repeat this process until you have created four or more balls of yarn.

3. Cut one leg off the pantyhose. Place one ball into the bottom of the leg and tie a knot right above the ball to secure it into place. Repeat until all the balls have been added and secured.

4. Once the balls are tightly secured in the panty hose, put them in the washer (can be with a load of dirty laundry) and wash on the hottest setting. This will allow the yarn to felt. Felting will make the yarn fuse together, resulting in a solid ball. Once washed, dry the balls thoroughly in the dryer at the highest heat setting.

5. After the balls are completely dry, remove them from the pantyhose and they are ready for use! Before drying your next load of laundry, add your favorite essential oil to 4-6 dryer balls, toss them in the dryer, and enjoy the soft, fluffy, wonderful-smelling fruits of your labor. (2-3 drops per ball should last a few loads. Add more for a stronger scent)

And that's how you do it! How did it work for you? Let me know!