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There are many questions that I come across on a regular basis, be it in person, in my social media, in my email, or on my phone, that I wanted to address here on my blog. I think for most people that aren’t familiar with essential oils, but want to integrate them into their life to support a healthy lifestyle, sometimes the information can be overwhelming, and they are left there thinking, but “what do I do?”

This is a completely normal and totally ok response to have. As with any new adventure in our lives, sailing out into uncharted territory can be daunting, and is much easier when we have someone to guide us along the way that has… well, been there before.

So, I’ve put together this fun little article, complete with fancy images… (because you know how much I love pretty pictures) for you to save and to use as a reference point. Remember that essential oils are here to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here you can see a wellness pyramid. I will touch on each section of the pyramid, as each of them are vital and major factors in supporting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are six sections on this pyramid. We will start from the bottom and work our way up.

They are:

          -Eating Right


          -Rest & Manage Stress

          -Reduce Toxic Load

          -Informed Self Care

          -Proactive Healthcare

The first section involves the foods and beverages we put into our bodies. We all know that we should be eating fresh and raw, fruits and vegetables, but how often do we actually get these nutritious foods into our bodies? Did you eat or drink something green today? Eating healthy foods, taking enzymes and vitamin supplements are all great ways to help support and maintain a healthy body. In addition to getting more fruit and veg into your daily routine, fresh pressed juices are also a wonderful way to consume live nutirients! If you like smoothies, try incorporating oils into that! You can check out my favorite smoothie recipe here!

If you are scrounging for time, I absolutely recommend trying out the Fruit and Vegetable Supplement Mix offered by the oil company that my husband and I have partnered with. It has everything yummy and none of the yuck that comes with chemicals and sugary powders you find at your local "health food store". This isn't a replacement for the real deal, but it is a great way to integrate more of that into your daily routine. For example, our son, who will be 4 in April has been drinking it for almost 2 years with Almond milk and he absolutely loves it! I call that a win for sure! I also think it's important to have balance in your life. No one is telling you not to have that cookie, just don't eat a whole box of them every day of the week!

Moving on to our next section, Exercise! Now I'm sure that there are people here that LOVE working out, and there are those that don't. Wherever you are on that spectrum, just know that it is 100% A-OK. It's very important to check with your primary care physician or family doctor before you start an exercise routine, to make sure that you don't have any hidden injuries or something that needs to be addressed beforehand.

One of my favorite low impact methods of exercise is Yoga. While Yoga itself is so much more than postures, most people recognize Yoga from the postures. Not only does Yoga help put my mind in a relaxing state (very much needed when I have a little ball of energy running around) but it also keeps my body flexible, and that is super important as we age. I also like yoga because it's not a limiting form of exercise, anyone can try it. You don't need to be able to do crazy-ridiculous asanas (postures) to practice yoga. Just get on your mat, and get to work. It's likely that you will see some sort of transformation... inside AND out. I love putting the Grounding Blend on my feet before I begin my yoga practice, and sometimes a bit of one of the Emotional Blends on my forehead.

One of my other favorite ways to work out is Pilates! Pilates is "a system of physical conditioning involving low-impact exercises and stretches designed to strengthen muscles of the torso and oftenperformed with specialized equipment."

I really like to do at home workouts that don't require much. If you are like me, you might be a fan of Blogilates with Cassey Ho. She has quick routines, that challenge you, but get results! If you are looking for some workouts to squeeze into your busy schedule, check her out! She has LOADS of free videos on YouTube that you can access any time. When I'm doing my workouts with Cassey, I like to put a drop of Peppermint on my chest before I start, to invigorate me and to support my respiratory system. Afterward, I really like using the Soothing Blend to cool and comfort me when my workout is finished.

Supporting the body during exercise with products like the Energy and Stamina Complex, and the Metabolic Essential Oil Blend, are also a great way to maintain health. Instead of filling up on coffee midway into your day, the Energy and Stamina Complex can be a healthy choice over highly caffeinated beverages.

Moving on to the next section in our pyramid, resting and managing our stress is extremely important. If you are exercising, you should also be resting. Our bodies can only handle so much... and when it comes to stress, well, we all need to face our stressors and try to reduce them as much as possible.

Using essential oils to support emotions and focus, are a wonderful addition to a yoga practice, meditation practice, or even something as simple as journaling. Find something that works for you. As I mentioned earlier, yoga is so much more than the postures, and can really bring you to a place of peace. Meditation is great for people of all ages. Call it what you are comfortable with. Some may call it praying, some call it meditation, some say they focus their energy... whatever speaks to you, spending time alone with yourself to clear your mind is a great practice to have.

The Calming Blend is a wonderful oil to start with to bring promote relaxation and restful sleep. I also like to use a few drops of this blend in my diffuserto relax me throughout the day if I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

Onwards! The next section is about Reducing toxic load. Reducing our toxic load can help support healthy digestion and metabolic processes in the body. The daily nutritional supplements and the detoxification oil blend can be helpful in this arena. One of the ways I like to incorporate oils in this particular area is in my morning routine. Yep... you guessed it! My Honey Lemon-Ginger Water! This is my favorite way to start the day, and my special little concoction promotes and maintains health in so many wonderful ways!

• Helps ease occasional indigestion and nausea

• Promotes digestion

• Supports overall digestive health

• Naturally cleanses the body

• Supports healthy respiratory function

• Promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability

• Helps ward off free radicals with its antioxidant benefits

• Soothes an irritated throat

Adding Lemon essential oil into your life is a simple way to naturally cleanse the body and help ward off free radicals with its antioxidant benefits. If you don't want to drink hot water with lemon, add a few drops to your glass or stainless steel waterbottle and drink it throughout the day!

Using the detoxification blend on the bottoms of your feet at night is also a way to promote health and reduce your toxic load. Take a look at the benefits to adding this oil into your routine!

• Supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances

• Supports healthy liver function

• Purifying and detoxifying to the body’s systems

And now we will talk about informed self care. What is it? Informed self care with essential oils can help support the body more effectivelu when a healthy foundation of living has already been established and built. Using essential oils can be beneficial for the body and emotions in many ways. Informed self care means you are continually learning and striving to learn more about essential oils, and the ways they effect you personally. Remember, every BODY is different. What works for you may not work for someone else.

Informed self care, also means that you are taking time for personal development. Maybe you are reading some inspirational books. Some of my recent favorites are The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. Taking time to do the things that fill you with joy is so important. This is why you see me sharing pictures of my watercolor paintings, and doing things with my family on social media. What brings me joy is part of my journey, and I wouldn't have realized all of the things that make me happy, if I hadn't taken the time to think about it.

Geranium really helped me in my soul searching, joy finding, journey and also helped me to cultivate more gratitude into my life. Learning more about ourselves, and learning more about essential oils, will bring us closer to where we want to be.

The last section of the pyramid is relatively simple. Go see your doctor. Go see your dentist. Optometrist. Chiropractor. All of them. Especially if you are a parent. Many of us are so on the ball when it comes top our children, but we neglect to take care of ourselves. By that I mean going to regular check ups, and getting our teeth cleaned. Your doctors are there to help you.

And that is all my loves. I hope that this was helpful and informative. I'm sure you will still have tons of questions, and that is totally cool, as that is why I am here. I am here for you! Please feel free to message me to learn more about which brand of essential oils my family trusts or to learn more about how you can purchase oils at wholesale prices. Just shoot a message over to

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