October means that all kinds of spooks come out to play, even in your home. No I’m not talking about ghosts, or witches, or silly Halloween costumes, I’m talking about the spooky toxins hiding under your kitchen sink!

Do you have a stash of sprays and spritzes that could potentially harm your pets or littles? If so this post is for you. I have shared before about my favorite home recipes in a webinar, but I wanted to bring them all together in one post for you. There’s no reason we should be afraid of our cleaning supplies, or be scared when we see our toddler pick it up… at least when you are using DIY Homemade Essential Oil recipes.

Truth be told, there are NO SPOOKS under my kitchen sink! Nope!

Here are the recipes I use to keep my home happy, healthy and toxin free!



essential-recipes_-diy-bathroom-cleaner essential-recipes_-diy-everything-else-spray essential-recipes_-diy-fruit-and-veggie-wash essential-recipes_-diy-mattress-spray essential-recipes_-diy-pet-stain-carpet-spray essential-recipes_-diy-toilet-spray


And there you have it! With these recipes, you can rest assured that no spooks or ghouls will be living underneath your sink ever again!

Which recipe do you plan to try out first? Let me know!

That Crazy Oil Lady

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